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Vantage Point, which aspires to be a cunningly twisted thriller, comes equipped with plenty of hurtling action, handheld camerawork, what-was-that? editing, and a plot that has multiple, contradictory agendas writhing like a nest of snakes. It’s all set a-boil within a few blocks of a town square in Spain where a U.S. President is targeted for assassination. Although the movie lasts 90 minutes, the events it depicts are mostly over with in a quarter-hour or so–but seen, rewound, and reseen from half a dozen different (you guessed it) vantage points. The first line in the credits reads “Original Film,” apparently the name of the production company. “Gimmick Movie” would be more accurate; the opening reel, effectively jolting, affords an initial overview of the events through the eyes, lenses, monitors, and duelling sensibilities of a TV news producer (Sigourney Weaver), her activist-minded reporter (Zoe Saldana) and crew. Everybody’s in Salamanca (actually, Mexico City) for the start of an international conference to reaffirm Arab-Western commitment to the fight against terrorism. Terrorism, of course, sees this as an ideal moment to break out. As gunshots and explosions reduce everything to chaos, the clock is reset to zero and we proceed to revisit the scene as experienced by several Secret Service agents (namely Dennis Quaid and Matthew Fox), an American tourist with camcorder (Forest Whitaker), sundry locals–including three who may be caught up in a love triangle or a conspiracy or both–and even the President himself


Title: Vantage.Point.2008
Theater Date: February.22.2008 (USA)
Release Date: February.23.2008
CD/INFO: Cd1-49 x 15mbs
Framerate: 25fps PAL
Audio: Cam
Type: XVID
IMDB Rating: 7.2/10 (395 votes)
Genre: Drama / Thriller
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Vantage Point
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